Throughout history there have been many people who have been gifted the title of healer. Some have assumed this role having noticed that when they meet with other human beings, especially those who are suffering from disease, discomfort, or illness in mind body or spirit, something powerful happens and suffering is alleviated, or meaning is found where darkness was before. At other times a person is awarded this title by someone who has benefited from a conversation or found comfort and transformation whilst receiving touch from another. Therefore many doctors, nurses, therapists, priests, shamans, gurus and any number of professional people have been called ‘ healer’.

Jesus of Nazareth is the archetypal healer and the prototype of the person who knew who he was and the power that he had to bring healing into the world for the restoration of humanity. Many have followed in his name, enthusiastic for the healing of the world in order that all people would be free of sickness or disease.

There are numerous courses on healing, Reiki being one of the most well known and many people train in this healing practice and offer healing both in person and from a distance to those who seek their help.

As one who has benefited from meeting people who are registered as healers and also as someone who has noticed that others have benefited from being in my presence as I have offered both talking and hands on therapies to countless people I would like to suggest that each and every person on this planet is a healer. Some have discovered this fact, whilst others have not realised it yet.

As you read these words, you might recall a time when you were in the presence of a healer and experienced the deep peace of transformation, where all thoughts about problems and the solving of them fell away and you fell back into the arms of wellbeing. You may also recall a time when someone dropped into this eternal space in your presence and experienced wholeness as you tapped them on the shoulder as it were whilst in this space of your inner home. These divine moments are glimpses of who we truly are, at ease and beyond any sense of dis-ease or dis-order.

From the space of home, our true identity, we are at one with all things and all people. There is no notion of separation or problem and certainly no ideas about needing healing because everything is restored into perfect order. In this space we find the power to offer healing to others who are suffering in the space of separation, or disconnection. From this place of home everything is possible for ourselves and for the world. You will know it when you find it. Nobody can give it to you because it is yours already, it is your true nature. We forget and it is a wonderful gift to be reminded. What we can do for one another is point each other in this direction and then miracles occur.

My own hope, dear friends, is that you might have remembered who you really are whilst reading these words. If you have, you will be feeling a deep peace within. You are ready. Go transform the world. Go beyond the form, back to the formless energy from which all is created. In that space you and I are the same.

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