Unwind muscle and mind is the name of this healing venture and it is named in that way for good reason.

When you come here for any treatment, whether its for massage, sports therapy or for coaching/counselling/mentoring or reiki healing, our mission is to offer you a place where you can totally unwind muscle and mind.

It is the experience of many people that when the mind is tense, the muscles are tense too. Oftentimes it’s not easy to discern which comes first; pain and tension causing stress to the mind or vice versa. We don’t really need to analyse too much. We are after all an integrated system of mind, body and spirit.

It is a joy to see my clients/patients relax totally and to oftentimes hear comments such as ‘iv’e not been so relaxed and chilled out for a very long time. Similarly it is good to hear people report that their minds go very quiet when they allow themselves to rest deeply and totally switch off. I like to encourage people to focus on their in and out breaths and to ‘be with’ the feelings and sensations that are arising in the bodies. This focus often significantly changes the experience of any pain that they are carrying. This focus is useful whether you are being massaged or just talking and noticing what you are experiencing in your body.

Why not take the opportunity to come and find out how you might relax more deeply and totally unwind muscle and mind.

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