Ultrasound Treatment

What is ultrasound therapy?

Ultrasound is an ‘electro therapy’ and has been used in holistic healing for more than five decades. It is widely used as part of sports therapy and sports massage and aids the repair of soft tissue injures to restore harmony and improved range of movement. Ultrasound helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the process of repair alongside massage of the soft tissues.

What is involved in the treatment of ultrasound?

Ultrasound involves using a hand held device (seen in the picture above) which has a small treatment head which moves over the surface of the skin in the region of injury transmitting sound wave therapy. Gel is applied to the skin to help the metallic head glide over the skin, keeping the head in contact with the body for optimal effect. The healing sound waves are interrupted if the head does not keep contact with the surface of the skin. When contact is made a low heat is produced and the tissues, ligaments, tendons and scar tissue is affected so that optimal healing is promoted. As blood flow is increased during this treatment, it is not advisable to apply ultrasound to a new injury.


The dose and intensity of ultrasound will depend on the particular injury sustained. With acute injury the application may be repeated after short intervals and less often with chronic problems. Different treatment heads in varying sizes are used depending on how deep the injury is. A small head (with higher frequency) is used for surface issues and a larger one (with lower frequency) for deeper tissue work.

Your therapist will be highly trained in the use of ultrasound and will work with you through the consultation and application to ensure that you receive the best treatment for you.


Let your therapist know at all times if you have any particular health issues. Ultrasound is not usually applied during pregnancy. Other contraindications would be where there are cancerous tissues, with someone who has venous thrombosis and where there is risk of haemorrhage.

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