“The first masseur I’ve been to who treats the cause as well as the symptoms!” ( recent Google review from Mark)

It is encouraging to receive reviews from people who see how much we can benefit from remedial, clinical massage treatments which is therapeutic in nature.

People, quite rightly, view massage as something that we seek when we need relaxation, but also when we are experiencing aches and pains in our body such as a ‘bad back’ which is the most common reason for sick leave from work.

There is a confidence that at the end of the massage treatment we are left with muscles that are more relaxed and the feel good factor leaves us feeling refreshed and more comfortable in our own skin. These are the regular fruits of massage therapy. Getting to the root of the problem is another matter and is the concern and privilege of a trained clinical therapist.

Improved range of movement in our joints and improved flexibility are the end result of clinical treatments such as remedial massage and sports therapy. Following a postural assessment and thorough consultation we are more in a position to see the root of the presenting problem and can set about releasing muscles which have become shorter through tension and fatigue and work towards encouraging muscles back to their designed length which provide improvement in flexibility and range of movement. The added soft tissue work then gives us the feel good factor which will encourage the client not to return to poor posture which will take us back to the problem. At the end of the treatment you will be given advice concerning improved posture and stretches or exercise which will keep you on track.

Seeking the help of a fully trained clinical therapist is very important when we are suffering from pain and injury, either from sport or just the activities of day to day life.

If you like what you have read here and would like to know more. Please feel free to get in touch. You can book a postural assessment at any time either independently or as part of a treatment.

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