Conversation during massage To talk or not to talk, that is the question.

Everyone is different and some people like to talk during their massage treatment and some prefer to be quiet.

A good therapist needs to discern

A skill for the therapist is the process of discernment, sensitively gauging how much conversation is appropriate.

Naturally, a discussion takes place during the consultation, when the client arrives for their treatment. The therapist warmly welcomes their client and then ascertains the type of treatment appropriate for that particular session, choosing from a range of treatments ranging from a relaxing Swedish massage through aromatherapy to deep tissue of sports therapy or remedial massage. Oftentimes a mix is appropriate.
These things will be worked out during the consultation which is designed to help the client to be at ease and work out how best to help the individual person.

The treatment: silence or conversation

A skilled therapist will take their lead from the client. Some people will begin with conversation, especially if they are coming from a work environment or the busyness of home. Others will be quiet from the start and rapidly fall into a state of deep relaxation and some will wish to chat at the start and then become quiet. It is very important that the therapist judge,sensitively, when their client wants to engage and when they wish to be quiet.


There are times when the therapist will need to ask their client a question, or ask them to turn over or move into a position appropriate
to the treatment. There will be times when the therapist, also, needs to ‘check in’ and see if the pressure of the massage technique is suiting the individual and their needs. It is important that the therapist communicate in this way and it is equally important that the client let the therapist know if they are uncomfortable with the pressure or they need to ask a question about the treatment. It is a skill of the practitioner to be able to move from such conversation, gently back to quiet, when appropriate.

Is silence necessary ?

It is beneficial to totally relax during massage. Although in sports massage it is a more active treatment involving stretches and on occasion resistance work, it is important to relax into the session in parts and allow your body to totally relax. During these moments quiet is very useful. In this quiet the mind and body harmonies and health is optimized.

During Swedish massage, for relaxation, and in aromatherapy treatments, a healthy silence can benefit the mind-body system in many ways. It is, nevertheless up to the individual client’s wishes that will be respected.

Hopefully this article will have addressed a few questions and given you a moment to consider the benefits of a quiet mind.

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