Stress, Trigger points scar tissue, adhesions and range of movement, are as much concern concern to the desk worker, car driver, lorry driver, wheel chair users, postman, white collar worker school teacher, Mum, Dad or single person.

Recently I have been taking my portable massage chair to the Boston Tea Party, Barbican, Plymouth.  It has been a very rewarding experience for both me and those who have hopped on the chair for a massage.

Stiff necks, shoulders and backs seem to be a problem for all. It’s not only trained sports people who can benefit from sports massage therapy but almost everyone who come through the door, especially in the cooler climate. We are in the habit of shrugging our shoulders, hunching, stiffening up craning our necks, with a head full of worries and concerns about work, home life, relationships etc etc. Within no time we have stiff joints, knots or adhesions, trigger points, scar tissue and a lack in our range of movement (R.O.M).

A sports or remedial massage not only works into the tissues, muscles, scar tissue, and fascia but also provides a better range of movement in our joints, loosening the neck, shoulders, back, and arms. The results are pretty amazing.

A chair, sports, massage isn’t just for relaxation at the end of a busy day or week. It also improves the action of the heart, benefitting the blood circulation the the tissues, organs and beyond. It will also provide you with an improved range of movement in your limbs so that you can better carry out your everyday activities.

If you would like to know more about chair massage/ sports massage, get in touch

Phone: 07970 162471


Price List:

  • Deep relaxation – 40 mins £37.50
  • Unwind – 30 mins, £30.
  • Revive – 20 mins, £20
  • Booster – 10 mins, £7.50.
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