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by Seth Macdonald on Unwind Muscle and Mind

As a rock climber I have struggled with injuries throughout the past few years from such a high demand of training. I have seen numerous sports therapists from across the country and was recommend to Jon a couple years ago by the owner of my local Crossfit Gym. I go as often as I can and whenever I am home from University and staying in Plymouth I go to see him. He has really helped my climbing with both massage as well as relaxation techniques, with an emphasis on breathing. If you are looking to improve in your specific sport, or even just general well being then Jon is the person to see!

Highly recommended

I have attended meditation sessions with Jon and these have proved highly valuable to me, very helpful to clear the mind and provide some deeply insightful thinking ideas for life. There is no set way to meditate and Jon offers easily accessible ways to meditate that may suit all of us.

Truly holistic

An excellent holistic approach from Jon. His patient and knowledgeable demeanour helped not only treat my injury, but also get to the root of what was causing it and even more importantly how to prevent such injuries in the future. Also worked wonders with what was previously a reoccurring injury on my daughter. Fantastic atmosphere and we are extremely grateful. Thanks Jon.


I have been seeing Jon for massage for a few months and at 42 years old he is hands down the best masseuse I have had treatment with, hence why I now visit him regularly on a monthly basis. As someone has already mentioned he is 'Mr Magic hands', and he has such a friendly, calming and relaxing demeanour and genuinely cares about the clients well being. You just have to give him a try!!!!

by Steve Machin on Unwind Muscle and Mind

This is the 3rd time I have had the pleasure of having a massage with Jon. What I can I say .....AWESOME it's been a truly amazing journey so far from the brilliant conversation to the most relaxing massages I can honestly say it's the best I have had calming, mind, body and soul in what hit.To the intalectual mind blowing conversations on Life it self to the actual massage all done in a relaxing warm manner.All 3 have been different in all respects to a sports massage to aromatherapy to Indian head massgae .Professional and intense.Fully recommend in all respectsAlready booked my next sessionThanks Jon

Mr Magic Hands

I aptly name Jonathan 'Mr Magic Hands' as I truly feel an overwhelming sense of health and well being following one of his holistic massages.. A kind, caring and compassionate man, makes you feel incredibly at ease and both physically and emotionally cleansed following one of his treatments.

Superb holistic therapist!

I can honestly say I have never experienced such a wonderfully relaxing massage as I have had with John. He takes time to tailor each and every treatment to your needs and as a result has relieved many aches, pains and injuries. His holistic approach extends to insightful hints, tips and advice on maintaining your health, posture and wellbeing. He has taught me many self-help tricks between appointments that continues his great work long after the massage.John's eloquence, caring, nature and empathy immediately put you at ease and his extensive professional knowledge and experience shines through. I have no hesitation in endorsing his treatments and have become a regular client.Thank you John for all you have done, I never fail to feel uplifted and rejuvenated after a treatment and cannot recommend you highly enough.

Can't be beaten

I never ordinarily write reviews but have been meaning to write something about John and his treatments for months as I think it is important to let others know what an extronarily talented, amazing and lovely person John is. His talents both as a counsellor and as a masseur are in my opinion unprecedented. His massage is second to none. His treatment is tailored to the individual and he easily identifies problems areas and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed by the end of every session. As a counsellor he is well informed, well read and incredibly knowledgeable. Despite your concerns or mood at the start of a session with John you will leave feeling uplifted, enlightened and more positive. He listens and knows exactly what to say and how to convey it. He is incredibly sympathetic, sensitive, kind and sincere. He is the most approachable and most genuine person I think I've ever met. I could just keep going but I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe just how wonderful John is as both a masseur and counsellor.

by Neil Evans on Unwind Muscle and Mind
I can't believe the effects

Hi Jonathan, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. What with darting up and down the country I've not had much time to catch up with people. I wanted to thank you so much for the other week the clarity I experienced was something I never ever expected to be able to achieve and it's helped me so much after just one session. I can highly recommend this. I was a skeptic but just kept an open mind and I'm so thankful I did.

absolutely wonderful

You must give this massage a go i feel heaps better

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