Deep rest for the mind
Around the table
Are you looking for a’quiet mind’ ? To be free of worries, stress, anxiety, depression or freedom from the internal struggle of the body in fibromyalgia or some deep seated pain you have been carrying ?
We would love to share with you and understanding of the mind which offers deep rest and an internal ‘knowing’ which will carry you through the day to day experiences you are having.
We are looking to holding some ‘Quiet Mind’ workshops in the upstairs dining area of Bills in Plymouth Mall. Bills provides a cosy setting in which you are invited to calm your mind and body and rest deeply in Peace Of Mind
During these sessions we will learn a meditational approach to life which can be relied on both rest and busy periods.
Sitting around a table with fellow human beings who understand our state of mind is deeply healing. Sharing whilst drinking a warming cuppa and eating a healthy snack is an age old custom for bring people back to their wholeness (agape).
Are you shy or nervous ? These experiences can drop away when we share a warming cup of tea and experience deep listening.
Come and be at home with us.
Please watch out for news about dates etc or don’t hesitate to get in touch by
Phone: 07970 162471

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