Our ability to perform finely controlled and purposeful physical movements, requiring perceptual motor coordination for tasks.

When you got up,this morning, did you notice the miracle of movement occurring in you ? Maybe you stretched without really noticing it. You might have visited the bathroom or reached for the kettle. Many stepped right into the daily practice of yoga or pilates, coupling the stillness of the mind with ease of movement and stretch. This is equally true of active people and people living with disability; both young and old.

Whatever our age and current range of movement, we sometimes forget or take for granted the ‘miracle of movement’ operating in us since birth. We have heard in our history how people who were paralysed came to communicate with the blink of an eye, giving incredible pleasure. Wherever we are now we have a power which we might be underestimating.

In my work as an integrative therapist, in both talking therapies (counselling, coaching, meditation and hypnosis) and body therapies (massage sports therapy and mind with movement) it is a joy and privilege to encourage people to first see the power that they have and then to optimise their power for more splendid living.

Before you come to work with me I ask that today you notice just two things about the miracle of movement running through you right now. Is it the beating of your heart or the blood rushing around your body ? Is it your ability to breathe or to wiggle your toe ? Where does it start and how is it further expressed. I ask that you notice your power and then we can harness this power to get you where you want to be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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