This question pops up often in conversations with my clients, either during their initial consultation for their first massage

therapy treatment or on their second or third visit. The question pertains to Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, remedial massage and indeed every type of massage treatment.

It is all too easy to say ‘once a month’ for sports massage, for ‘prevention’ as well as ‘cure’ or fortnightly for the sportsperson who might be prone to injury and wants to continue to be supple, fit and healthy to achieve their optimal health and stay at the top of their game. The short and best honest answer is ‘everybody is different’, so let’s discern what’s best for you as an individual.

Often people begin to see a pattern emerging for themselves, or for people who have come along a few times for a treatment, we look together at the calendar and notice some pattern emerging. It might be that a request has come in every three weeks or so or fortnightly for the gym user or sportsperson or monthly for the person who notices how well they feel when they book a sports massage, deep tissue massage or remedial massage regularly. I have clients who have sustained injuries through work, serving in the armed forces or following a vehicle accident. I also look after quite a considerable number of people in their retirement who now feel less restricted in movement and more able for tackling the garden, golf course, taking the dog for a walk or even looking after the grandchildren

Currently I have a clients on my books who live with conditions such as fibromyalgia or chronic pain syndrome. These clients report that following regular massage treatment they have not felt so well in a long time and that through their regular, remedial massage treatment their pain is reduced enormously. For some of these people a more gentle treatment such as myofascial release, which is similar to Bowen Therapy, works well as it gently invites the tangled soft tissues of the body to find their release in the most harmonious way. It is always my priority to work with each and every client as a unique individual and find the mode of therapy most suitable for their condition or situation.
Would you like to feel happier in your own skin ? Perhaps for a time now you have aches, pains or niggles that you would like to be gone. Our muscles, tendons, fascia and soft tissues are a gift to us, enabling us to move harmoniously in everyday activity, at the gym and in our favourite sports.

Here is an invitation to book a consultation and discern a programme that will keep you healthy. I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to email, text or call:

Phone: 07970 162471


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