“A remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.” (Dictionary definition of miracle)

The word miracle can seem like a BIG word and yet I like the simplicity of the definition above and I consider it a remarkable and very welcome event when my clients ‘see’ the connection and soon reap the benefits.

What do I mean by the above claim ?
I would like to share an example of a recent sports therapy treatment. My client is happy for me to share this but I am not going to give names ( client confidentiality is very important and I have changed some details in order to honour this).

My client arrived in the treatment room carrying a lot of tension. This tension had built up both from rigorous work outs at the gym and also due to some stresses in his personal life. It wasn’t clear to him which symptoms were linked with which cause but felt instinctively that maybe the tension in the legs was due to the exercise and the neck and shoulders from the personal stuff that had been unfolding.
It is very important for me to sensitively hold the mind-body relationship in myself during each session and to listen to my own bodily sensations and to any intuitions that surface during the treatment.
During this particular Sports Therapy session a very interesting process unfolded with respect to my client’s quads. Let me lead you through the process: Whist my client was laying prone (face down) my first instinct was to carry out some M.E.T (muscle energy technique) cf previous blogs. This procedure is a ‘manual’ method and the patient uses force to push back against the strength of the therapist in order to stretch the muscles. My intuition kicked in and I decided not to use this process but to see how some gentle soft tissue work or myofascial release could help when the client was supine (lying on their back).
As I let go of the idea of using M.E.T (without saying anything to my client) they let out a huge sigh and seemed to relax more deeply into the treatment. Their breathing became deeper and the back seemed to visibly soften.

I was fascinated by what then unfolded. When my client turned over onto their back they shared with me that they had sensed deeply during the first part of the massage that the mind and body are inextricably linked and with that idea how peaceful they had felt. They shared that as that idea came a wave of relaxation came over their whole body. (I noticed too that they were covered in goosebumps and it wasn’t cold in the room).

As I began to massage the quadriceps, only using very light pressure, the texture changed very quickly. These thighs which had been so hard and tense suddenly became relaxed, pliable and easily stretched. My client could feel this very powerfully and was delighted as well as ‘moved’.

This session had been quite a breakthrough for this particular person and had shown me, once again the unbreakable link between mind and body.
Lastly, I do recommend to those who visit me that they find time in their busy schedule to allow the mind to quieten. This doesn’t always mean that they start formal meditation practice. It simply means finding time to be quiet for balance. This particular person had found it for themselves during their treatment with no prompting from me. Miraculous !

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