Mental muscle is the foundation on which all activity is built.

Every athlete, architect, astronaut and astrophysicist as well as humble you and I knows that mental muscle must be strong before any worthwhile project can be accomplished.

In my work as sports massage therapist I love to encourage my clients to get to know the names and locations of some of the muscles we are working with. This helps people to be confident about their own body and to understand how to get the best out of it and how to heal quickly and efficiently when they develop aches and pains. Recovery involves building and strengthening muscle groups.

Locating and building mental muscle…its a gift

Are you aware of the true power of your mind ?

Do you notice what amazing results that you get when you ‘put your mind to something’ ?

I see wonderful results in my treatment room when my clients see that they can easily move beyond current, perceived, boundaries. This miracle occurs not only with body elasticity, but also when my coaching clients realise, suddenly, that they can sail far beyond the shores of their perceived boundaries and move successfully into the future with ease. The achievements are spectacular.

If you would like to stretch beyond any current blockages in mind or body, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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