Body Massage

To get the most from a massage treatment it is useful to know what you would like from the experience. If massage is part of your routine or you are into sports or fitness and need a good muscle MOT, you will enjoy a deep tissue or sports massage. If you would like to unwind and have a deeply relaxing experience you can choose a Swedish or holistic massage. Whichever you choose you will find that you feel happier in your skin and more able to carry out everyday activities. You will notice that your breathing improves, and often sleep patterns too which is an added bonus. If you’re looking for a body massage in Plymouth, contact Unwind today.

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Body Massage & Swedish Massage in Plymouth.
Chair Massage in Plymouth.

Chair Massage

Perfect if you need to unwind and ease out those tensions in the neck, shoulders and back, when you have been at work, driving or on the train and don’t have the time for a longer treatment. This treatment is perfect for both recharge and unwind and you don’t even need to undress. Get in touch with Unwind now if you’re looking for chair massage in Plymouth. Treatments are tailored to your needs and time available:

  • Deep relaxation – 40 mins, £37.50.
  • Unwind – 30 mins, £30.
  • Revive – 20 mins, £20.
  • Booster – 10 mins, £10.

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Holistic Massage

Holistic massage offers you a totally relaxing experience, giving you calm for body, mind and spirit. If there are things that you are trying to work through or stresses and strains that are holding you back in life, you are welcome to mention these in the consultation in total confidence. Part of your treatment can be dedicated to bring healing to these areas. This can be done either in silence, with some healing energy, or in quiet compassionate conversation. You can also request a short guided meditation near the end of the treatment if this appeals to you. The holistic massage is tailored to your individual needs. Are you interested in a holistic massage in Plymouth? Give Unwind a call now.

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Holistic Massage in Plymouth.
Sports Massage & Therapy in Plymouth.

Sports Massage

Sports injury massage is an effective way to treat both acute and long term injuries, sustained by sport or everyday activity. Over time, sports massage has developed as a ‘science’ to help not only elite athletes, but also each and every person who suffers with everyday complaints such as back pain, postural problems and work related injuries, including stress and fatigue. Need sports massage in Plymouth? Call Unwind Muscle & Mind now.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment, concentrating on acupressure points on the head, face, neck and shoulders. It works at rebalancing your body’s energy system.

What is an Indian Head Masage?

Indian head massage is an ancient treatment which began in India but has been now used throughout the world for many, many years. It has been adapted to suit the needs of the local people in each country. Indian head massage is a deep treatment into the neck and shoulders and works more gently into the head and face. This massage uses a variety of pressures that tap into your energy system, also known as chakras.

How can Indian Head work for me?

Indian massage is known to relieve aches and pains, especially tension in the neck, back and shoulders. It also improves the growth and texture of your hair. An Indian head massage stimulates your blood flow as well as lymph and oxygen in your upper body, clearing your sinuses relieving your stresses and promoting healthy sleep patterns. It can help with headaches, migraines, anxiety and depression and can even help
sharpen your concentration at work. Fragrant oils are sometimes used to clear your sinuses or help with any skin problems. Indian head massage is an excellent all-round treatment leaving you happier, more relaxed and less stressed generally.

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Indian Head Massage in Plymouth.
Couples Massage & in Plymouth.

Couples Massage

It doesn’t get more loving than to surprise your soul mate with a luxurious couple’s massage. For the couple who love to unwind together a relaxing massage experience for an hour or more, is the perfect gift to each other. So why not bring your favourite person (your partner or best friend) along to Unwind, and relax whilst all your stresses and tensions are soothed away. You can be in one another’s company in a quite and stress free environment and let your mind float as you listen to relaxing music and feel the radiating warmth of the massage technique. Our therapists are trained to a high standard and will work with you individually to design the perfect couples massage for your individual needs. If you have any health concerns or particular issues that you need sorting, you will be able to discuss these with your therapist when you arrive.

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