Observing human beings is a wonderful occupation. Delighting in how the drama of life is played out on the stage we call living, by each one of us as we continually create a script in our heads and then act it out to both entertain others but primarily to express for ourselves what we have been thinking about. Then we try and make sense of it.
I have loved the art of people watching all my life. When I was younger I took delight in joining amateur dramatic groups, where I would try out different characters as I was awarded my part in the play. These ranged from shakespearian tragedies to modern day comedies. One of my favourites was Mrs Malaprop in the ‘Rivals’! Where did I get the courage?
These days, as my awareness of my inner life grows I can see that I was innocently trying on the shoes, as it were, of different characters because I was not confident in who I was. There was much of my inner life, feelings, creativity, ideas and humour that I was passionate to express but due to the perceived constraints of a strict and shy family, I felt unable to let off my inner steam. I could however act it out in the third party and get away with it. “you should have been an actor” or “you could be on the stage” were the constant tongue in cheek criticisms I heard from family members.


I love the way that more latterly I can choose to be more and more myself as each and every day I recognise the gift of free will and can chose to express myself in whatever way I feel appropriate and not be afraid that people are going to judge me. We are, each one of us, making it all up as we go along; aware that we are free to weave a rich tapestry . Life is a ‘playground’, to use a metaphor, and as long as we love and honour the life that is bubbling up inside of us moment to moment as a gift , just waiting to be expressed we are free to give it a go and see if we like it. With the developing gift of awareness we are our own audience.
There are times when we are not so actively involved with others and may not be so communicative in our actions but we are, nevertheless , communicating much of what is going on inside of us by the vibes that we let off. There may be words whilst we let off steam but at other times it is more of a vibrational vibe that we give off and people sense a mood which is a reflection of our occasional low state of mind. This cannot be helped. It is part and parcel of our means of communication. We can be patient with ourselves and others when a low state occurs, confident that this temporary state of thinking will move on and be replaced with more positive thought and subsequent feelings. All moods are temporary. What is constant is the peace of mind which is our natural state. We return gracefully to this innate health when our overthinking calms down.


There is something more subtle going on in us too which I would like to invite the reader to consider, namely the vibration we give off when our minds are quiet and we settle in to be the natural peacemakers that we are.
I invite you to call to mind an occasion when you have met someone who has a very calming presence. It is a wonderful experience to be in the presence of someone who is ‘grounded’ in wellbeing. There are many examples of people throughout history who have had a calming, healing presence. We can think of Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama to name but a few. These people have had a healing presence in the world. They radiate an inner peace and everyone who comes into contact with them experiences the ‘ power of presence’. When these grounded beings have spoken they have a profound healing effect upon their audiences, they help humanity to ‘sing from the same songbook’ to use another metaphor. They help us to see that where there is discord we can sow love as Francis of Assisi put it.


Dear reader, I urge you to quieten your mind as often as you can. Allow your mind to return to its natural state where harmony in your own mind/body system can return to its natural flow. You will live in peace and you will be a wonderful peacemaker in our beautiful world.
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