Acts of kindness and love are expressions of our true nature.
Such loving expressions towards others seem to acknowledge that we know, deep within, that we are not separate but are inextricably linked; at one. (This oneness is often spoken about with respect to marriage, as a model for loving relationship) where as Paul of the New Era states that the two have become one in love). We can experience this profound sense of unity when we are in touch with nature, observing the sunset or looking into the eyes of our favourite pet. At these times all sense of separation appears to drop away and momentarily we feel united with the whole world and there isn’t a single problem dawning in our thinking. It can feel even better when there is no thinking activity whatsoever and we are simply experiencing a beautiful feeling. Our mind is so still and tranquil that we don’t even have the thought ‘ this is beautiful ‘. That comes later when the thinking  mind becomes active again.
When our minds are still, in what we might call  ‘a meditative  moment’, we can find that we are deeply in touch with who we truly are. All thought activity pauses and, embraced by a beautiful feeling, a loving action is born. Surely, you can recall many times when, with nothing much on your mind, you found yourself extending loving kindness towards another. This has a different feeling to the occasions when we find ourselves caught up in a lot of thinking about how we might be kind. Such thoughts  as ‘What on earth am I going to buy for so and so for Christmas or birthday’ and a not so good feeling is experienced in our solar plexus/ gut.
Oftentimes people we look to for guidance, such as therapists, gurus, teachers of meditation etc, will point us towards techniques that we may employ that ‘show’ us how to be kind; how to develop a generous spirit, such as using positive affirmations each day to ‘change our thought patterns’. I would like to point the reader in the opposite direction, i.e. inwards, towards the foundations of who we are at our core. There, deep within, is our very best self; the self which is uncontaminated by complex thinking, the still centre of our spirit. Out of this place unfolds acts of loving kindness which express our true nature.
Just before Christmas I enjoyed a beautiful conversation with a sensitive human being who, having dropped into a quiet mind, found herself inspired to walk through nature in the local park. There she met some homeless people who were suffering the cold chill of a December night. Filled with compassion, she dashed home to collect a hot water bottle to bring some comfort to her suffering companion. The gratitude of the recipient was extremely moving and with filled eyes, two souls experienced a profound connection. Out of this meeting a small charity has begun in our city of Plymouth, where each night hot water bottles are taken around the park and elsewhere to bring comfort during the cold winter nights. Hearts have been moved by this beautiful gesture of compassion and a number of donations have been made so that more bottles may be purchased. This is a touching example of the effects of a quiet mind.
As the new year approaches, I would like to encourage you to look in this direction of your true self more and more. Notice when your mind settles naturally and you experience a beautiful feeling of peace, deep within.
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