Holistic massage in Plymouth.Holistic massage is unique and totally geared to serve you and your particular needs. Here at Unwind Muscle & Mind in Plymouth, we love to work with each individual and listen carefully to your specific requirements so that we can work towards your optimum health and well-being. We offer both holistic massage and sports massage, including deep tissue massage, at our Plymouth clinic.

Treat your injury with a sports massage!

Holistic massage helps to restore the unity of your body and mind so that you feel relaxed and happy in your own skin. People often come along to our Plymouth clinic with aches and pains which have developed at work or during sport but also with an awareness that stress is a major contributor to tense and aching muscles. We love to help people relax and remember that they are born for happiness and calm. The body and mind can download this information and more swiftly stabilise during stressful situations.

We have plenty of experience offering holistic massage and sports massage to Plymouth people. Over a number of years working with people one to one, we have noticed that most people don’t breathe when they are stressed or unhappy and during periods at work when they have a heavy workload. Yes, we forget to breathe when we are stressed or overthinking! Subtle changes in our breathing pattern help us to relax and to reboot our natural state of well-being.

Relax and unwind with a holistic massage!

Sports massage therapy in Plymouth.During a holistic massage treatment, we encourage you to breathe more naturally. This will help to reduce your blood pressure when it is elevated, improve the circulation of your blood, and soothe tensions in your skin and muscles. People generally experience improved sleep, levels of calm and happiness and feel generally more healthy. If you need a muscle boost, we offer deep tissue massage and sports massage. Whatever you choose, I look forward to helping you to restore your optimum health and happiness; a great way to ensure that this coming year is a good one.

If you would like to book an appointment to see Jonathan in Plymouth for a holistic massage or sports massage, give him a call on 07970 162471. Alternatively, visit our contact page and drop us an email.

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