Easy meditation, anytime, any place, anywhere

All you need is do is bring your attention to what is occurring. Simple. What a relief!

You are, whether you realise it or not are meditating this very minute as you draw your attention to these words, which are pointing you in the direction of a gift inside of you that you may have forgotten about or even haven’t yet discovered. That is about to change, and the happiness you have been awaiting is imminent. We are only ever one thought away from everything we are looking for.

Meditation is easy. People often have the idea that to meditate you need to light candles, sit in a special pose, chant mantras and empty your mind totally. We have also grown up with the idea that we need to set aside 30-60 minutes at a time in order to meditate successfully.

It is no wonder that many people have tried a number of ‘methods of meditation’ and fallen at the first hurdle, concluding that they have ‘failed to completely empty the mind’ or just feel they are not doing it ‘correctly’. You have been breathing all your life; you are getting it right. It is as simple as that.

If people are going to use a ‘method’ many people throughout the world simply bring their attention to the breath and as i mentioned above, as soon as you bring your attention to something then you are meditating. So, you see, you have in fact been meditating all of your life as you have been bringing your attention (awareness) to one thing and another. In my own mind, we are only ever doing one of two things: we are either lost in thought (caught up with whatever we are doing, perhaps without being really conscious of what we are doing. Or we are conscious. We are quietly focused on the matter in hand. Some people call this ‘ Mindfulness’. Yet, this can be another activity, another ‘doing’ and i would like to invite you back to simplicity, to simply ‘being’. We are human beings, not human -doings.

Meditation, you could say, is coming home to your true nature. When we come back to who we truly are, beyond our learned concepts and labels, we sink back into our true nature and find ourselves at peace, with the experience of a quiet mind. This often happens, naturally when on a walk in the countryside or by the sea or when immersed in our favourite hobby or simply taking a bath.

In the meditation sessions that I run, whether they are for groups or individuals, I like to ensure that we are as comfortable as possible. When we are comfortable, just sitting around in our most comfortable clothes, feeling at home; just being ourselves, our minds begin to quieten. When our minds quieten, we are in a meditative state. When we become more and more familiar with this space of a tranquil mind (which arises from within us) it gives us the foundations to be meditative any time, any place, anywhere. Perhaps you would like to come along and find this for yourself.

I run regular groups and also hold a space for individuals. If you would like to book a session or find out more, please give me a call.