Counselling & Life Coaching

People tend to come for counselling and life coaching at our Plymouth clinic when they are feeling ‘stuck’ or when there is a lot of thinking going on about a past, present or future issue. If you have landed on this page, you may well be feeling stuck, anxious, depressed or frustrated.

You have come to the right place. Your own inner wisdom has guided you to find time for yourself to get back on track and to begin to realise your full potential.

A counselling/life coaching session provides a healing space in which you can totally be yourself. A place where you will be heard in complete empathy and confidentiality. A space in which you can become more aware of what is unfolding in your mind and gain a new insight on how to move forward into a life of peace and security.

As a trained counsellor and life coach in Plymouth, I am skilled at listening with compassion and empathy. I will spend the initial session with you, quietly listening and then sharing with you some important principles of innate psychological and emotional health. We can then discern together the best way forward for you to achieve your goals.

In traditional counselling people might expect to have a considerable number of sessions of counselling in order to start feeling better but I am finding more and more that people only need two or three sessions in order to find the wellbeing that we were born with and is always available to us when we learn how to drop out of our habitual thinking.

Call us today to book an initial counselling/life coaching session at our Plymouth clinic and begin your new life.

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Counselling & Life Coaching in Plymouth.