Counselling & Life Coaching in Plymouth.

Counselling and life coaching are both ways of enjoying a compassionate conversation, designed to help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life. We offer both counselling and life coaching at our Plymouth clinic.

  • They are both designed to help you shine as a human being.
  • Neither of them is designed to sit you down and tell you what to do.
  • Both are designed to bring out the innate health that you already have and is simply covered over with current thinking.

Traditionally, counselling, along with psychotherapy, are models of helping people when they are undergoing some sort of crisis in life and are not sure which direction to take. Some people seek the help of a professional when they are feeling anxious or depressed. For many others it is because they are feeling stressed and are not sure how to handle the thoughts which are rushing through their heads.

Did you know that the average person has 60,000 thoughts each day? Most of them don’t hold any importance for us until we give them meaning. They are designed to pass freely through out heads.

Are you having thoughts rushing through your head throughout the day and night?
Are you feeling down?
Are you tired a lot of the time?
Are you lacking in motivation?
Are you having trouble sleeping at night?

Counselling can help you!

Life coaching is a relatively new model for compassionate conversation for health and wellbeing. A life coach is not necessarily a trained counsellor, although they will have undergone professional training in order to help people reach their goals. Coaching is a way of helping people reach their desired goals in life.

Would you like to reach a new goal?
Would you like to feel more confident?
Would you like to adjust your body weight?
Would you like to improve a relationship?

Life coaching can help you!

Counselling & Life Coaching at Plymouth clinic.Maybe you are unsure which service may be best for you. This is not a problem. You can come along for an free initial consultation and discover the best way forward. Whether it’s counselling or life coaching, our Plymouth clinic is ready to help you. Call now or email.

Have a great day and remember, you are only ever one thought away from being the happiest person on earth.

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